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the Jerusalem Post, May 5, 2021

It's always "Mission Possible" at JNF-USA's High School in Israel


Israel Hayom, April 9, 2021

Jewish National Fund-USA brings American teens to Israel


PR Newswire, April 7, 2021

Jewish National Fund-USA First to Bring American Teens Back to Israel


Ynet, April 2, 2021

Israeli parents in the US are sending their kids to JNF-USA's High School in Israel


Jewish Boston, March 31, 2021

Marblehead Students Ready for Life-Changing Experience in Israel


March 15, 2021

High School in Israel Couple Ready for Action


Jewish Journal, February 17, 2021

Milken Students to Study Abroad in Israel Despite COVID-19



February 10, 2021

When Abba Eban Spoke to My Class: High School in Israel Alum Takes Trip Down Memory Lane


January 21, 2021

High School in Israel Prepared Me for College


January 18, 2021

Discovering the Ultimate On-Campus Experience at High School in Israel


January 17, 2021

High School in Israel Deepens Student's Connection to Local Community in Israel


January 6, 2021

Hello From High School in Israel!


The Jerusalem post, December 15, 2020

Russian-speaking teens pursue academic excellence at high school in Israel


Jumpspark, December 10, 2020

High School in Israel in the time of Covid


Jumpspark, December 2, 2020

High School in Israel in Quarantine


Patch, October 12, 2020

High School in Israel Set to Drive Education at Miami Drive-In


The Jewish Outlook, September 22, 2020

The Bar Yadin Family Foundation and Jewish National Fund-USA Bring Texas Students on Spiritual, Educational Journey


Federation star, page 24, september 2020

Gap program announced by AMHSI and Jewish National Fund-USA


September 3, 2020

One Hundred Students Begin Life-Changing Semester at High School in Israel
JULY 29, 2020

Leading Educator to Head High School in Israel


The Jerusalem Post, JULY 12, 2020

JNF-USA and Alexander Muss Institute launch gap-year program
The Times of Israel, July 14, 2020Rediscovering My Zionism in the Age of Coronavirus


Jewish news syndicate, March 16, 2020

Jewish National Fund-USA Brings Students Home


Jewish News Syndicate, October 10, 2019

Muss high school in Israel program to offer second summer session in 2020

The Jerusalem Post, September 19, 2019The Magic of Alexander Muss High School in Israel