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Gap Semester Program for College Freshmen & Sophomores

Frontier Israel

Spend a Semester in Israel


The Alexander Muss Institute for Israel Education (AMIIE-JNF) is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural gap semester program: Frontier Israel.


Created for freshmen and sophomores currently enrolled in U.S. academic institutions, Frontier Israel is designed to provide a real life, modern day pioneering experience.


The core of the program will be Frontiers, meaningful volunteer work in three enriching regions of Israel (Negev, Galilee, and Center). The Frontiers will provide students with a robust service learning and volunteering experience, while at the same time allowing students to forge significant relationships with the people and communities in which they are embedded. Participants will volunteer at a JNF-USA affiliate in the mornings, followed by studies and social activities in the afternoons and evenings.


Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Farming in the North
  • Building hiking paths for the disabled
  • Working with refugees
  • Community building


The second pillar upon which Frontier Israel is built will be Seminars, a series of educational explorations designed to broaden horizons and build a student’s portfolio of experiences. Seminars will include learning retreats to enable students to explore Israel in greater depth through hiking, educational trips, and guest lectures. The seminars will also act as bridges between each Frontier, allowing students to both process their experiences and prepare for the next Frontier. Through the Seminars, students will gain a better understanding of modern Israel, develop advanced leadership skills, and be exposed to some of the Jewish world’s leading thinkers and influencers.


Spring Semester Dates: January 26 – May 27, 2021


Cost: $15,000 (Masa Grants Available) includes lodging, meals, medical insurance, transportation around Israel, and laundry.



Frontier Israel has an extremely limited number of spots. If you are interested in what we know will be a unique and life-changing Israel experience that will embody the essence of JNF and AMIIE please click here to reserve your spot.



Contact Marni Heller at or 212.879.9305 x485.


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