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AMHSI Alumni: Next Steps

Stay Connected with Fellow Alumni & Friends!

Since 1972, Alexander Muss High School in Israel has been the leading high school academic study abroad program in Israel. Over 31,000 alumni have passed through our doors, the vast majority of whom consider our program the most transformative educational experience of their lifetime.


AMHSI Alumni & Friends is a group of our wonderful alumni, parents and families of alumni, friends and supporters of AMHSI. With an ever-growing community of AMHSI Alumni & Friends, alumni enjoy staying active and involved in the community.


As an alum, you can get involved in the following ways:


1.  Make sure your contact information is up to date.

Receive all the latest news and exciting events from AMHSI and keep in touch with your fellow alumni and friends. Update your information here.


2. “Like” our Facebook page.

Join our ever-expanding network today and start finding your friends and fellow alumni.


3.  Visit the album “AMHSI Old Group Photos” here.

Find your group’s photo, get in touch with your fellow AMHSI alumni and past teachers, join the conversation reminiscing about your AMHSI experiences, start tagging and share it around with your friends today!


4. Join our  Linkedin network today.

Network with your fellow alumni and friends!


5. Help us spread the word by sending someone you know a link to!

Our alumni stated that our program has been one of the most influential experiences in their lives. Help someone else you know experience the transformation.


6.  Donate to AMHSI.

We are so grateful to our alumni for their gifts, which enable us to renovate, set up scholarship funds and enable more students to attend AMHSI.


7. Stay passionate about Israel.

Explore ways to get back and get in touch with JNF campus fellows to stay connected while in college.


8Post photos on social media.

Post old photos on Facebook and Instagram hashtagging #amhsi! Tweet us @amhsi. Follow us on Instagram at @amhsi.


9. Feel free to reach out.

Email to tell your story or to speak to someone who may have taught you or helped you settle or lead you through Israel.


10. Come back to visit!

We are happy to see you any time you come!

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